Oh hello there Winter...

...I was hoping you'd passed us by. Like everyone else in the UK, I'd been lulled into a false sense of security that Spring was on its way and that I'd be lolling in the garden sipping gin in no time. Sadly, I've had to dig out the mittens and wool tights again to keep away Jack Frost. Despite the chill, I've been keeping myself motived to walk the four miles to work in the morning by trying out my new Christmas camera on the way, snapping whatever catches my eye and hopefully walking off the winter waistline in the process.

Everyday I walk past Violet cakes with a heavy heart, knowing that I can't just pop in for coffee and a slice of ginger and molasses cake (truly the best cake I have ever eaten and yes I would have it for breakfast). But how cosy does the little cafe look in this pic? Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

This yellow beauty caught my eye as the ticket inspector checked its frosty windscreen. It's such a daffodil yellow, and looks so cheerful (even with a thick layer of ice covering it).

I'm trying to take a couple of pics each morning, as I don't have much time to spare (no time for dawdling otherwise I, a. get cold and b. am late to work). I'll try and share them on here. I really appreciate the morning walk - it's better than sitting on a crowded bus, surrounded by commuters, with coughs and runny noses, talking loudly on their mobile phones.

Fingers crossed I'll get to take some snowy pics before this cold snap passes!

xxx C


Santa kindly gave me a cold for Christmas. I've had it ever since and it seems to be getting worse, not better. And this morning, after two days in bed I woke up with an eye infection to top it off. A runny nose, dry cough and bung eye does not equal glamour in my books.  Fortunately I have some lovely plates on the wall and Columbia Road roses courtesy of the Mr to cheer me up from my sick bed.

I hope to be back at work and back in the land of the living tomorrow. x

Monday evening blues.

Summer where did you go? Actually, Autumn where did you go? I was quite enjoying the golden trees outside my bedroom window and the crisp clear days. But now it's cold outside and raining and after a day of delayed trains and too many meetings I'm pining after a bit of sunshine.

This photo I took in Bruges of this cheery bunting against a bright blue sky, cheers me up a little. Almost as much as my hot water bottle, duvet and book are going to shortly. What cheers you up when the daily grind gets you down?

Caped crusader or ladylike leopard?

I really want a new winter coat. Or a cape. But I can't decide which. Please help. I'm in love with this boiled wool leopard number from Zara, which I could make or buy a Peter Pan collar for.  It looks very sleek and flattering unlike the big fluffy teddy bear-esque fake fur coats that are so popular at this time of year.

I'm equally enamoured with the idea of wearing a lovely black cape.  I just haven't found the right style yet. This asos one comes pretty close. I tried my hardest to get a vintage black cape on eBay last Winter but never managed to find the right one that was in my price range. When I did buy a plaid one from eBay two winters ago it was 'lost' in the post so I gave up on that idea all together.

Is it too military? Should I be trying to find one more Victorian or nurse style? Will it make me look the size of house? Does it only work with jeans or is it okay with a frock underneath? What will I do with my handbag and endless other bags that I seem to be lugging around constantly?

Please let me know what you think so I can decide! Cape or coat?