Liberty lovelies

I was  delighted to find a little peach and cream silk Liberty scarf for a mere couple of quid in a junkshop in Angel at the weekend. My delight was short lived.  The mini suitcase Merci Liberty limited edition suitcases were back in stock but sold out before I got a chance to grab one. Gutted.  Missed out again. It really would make the cutest handbag/case.

Still a super cute vintage Liberty scarf for pennies is nothing to sniff at.

Sorry about the average photos. That's all I can muster the energy for this evening. Right I'm off to have a bath and dream of recovering my lovely chair in Liberty florals after being inspired by tales of a junkaholic. One of my favourite blogs, Artemis' chair upholstery project inspires me to put down the laptop and pick the needle and thread (well glue and gunstapler) like nothing else on the internet. Such a lovely chair!