A little French blue

Every boy needs a little blue teacup. No ugly, fugly chipped mugs of builders tea around here please. It's bad enough that my housemates insist on buying horrendous, cheap mugs that I can't even bear to put in the dishwasher. Ugh.

This delicate eggshell blue cup and saucer with silver trim is in perfect condition was a mere £8 from Vintage Heaven on Columbia Road. The photo doesn't really do the colour justice. It is a much softer shade of blue in real life. The perfect present for the male in my life who thinks my teacup collection is out of control and that I should start selling them. Pfffffft.

The stamp says it is made in France by Limoges - even though it would be more at home in 1950s America? I can't help but wonder how it made it's journey to East London and who owned it before. I hope it was an exciting journey and I hope it was loved. Dammit.  I should've kept it.