Deep in the bluebell wood

Bluebells, you take my breath away with your spectacular spring show. A scene like this is the stuff of fairy tales. Did you know you can find your nearest bluebell walk online? We're off to Wales this Bank Holiday weekend to visit the other half's family and I'm hoping they can be persuaded to go bluebell hunting with me. It's coming towards the end of bluebell season but I've heard they're late this year so fingers crossed we'll find some.



These photos were taken in 2011 by Luke in the woods at Aberglasney. It's truly quite spectacular and well worth a visit.


Spring in London is so beautiful. It always reminds me why I'm still living here when I've just about had enough of the seemingly endless months of depressing grey winter. Along comes Spring and the trees burst into blossom and yellow daffodils carpet the parks. Here are a few photos I snapped on my walk to work recently.

Wilton Way Blossom outside Violet Cakes.

Blossom snow.

There is a massive pink cherry tree that is putting on a spectacular display around the corner from my home that I haven't managed to snap yet as I never seem to have my camera when I go past. Hopefully, I'll manage to capture it before it has all fallen.