Sneak peek: An amazing Victorian B&B

If you're a minimalist and enjoy stark empty spaces, you may want to look away. If you love beautiful bits and pieces please read on. Here's a peek at the incredible Victorian B&B  at St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex that I had the pleasure of staying at recently. St Leonard's BB


I really don't know where to start with the absoutle amazingness of it all...

x C

P.S. You can find me over on the very lovely This is Your Kingdom today, writing about Violet cakes.

Candy coloured houses

Candy coloured cottages At Easter I was rummaging around in my photo files when I came across these lovely candy coloured cottages in Tenby. We visited the lovely Welsh seaside town with the other half's family in Easter last year and I'd never gotten around to posting any photos (despite the best intentions). The pastel shades make me want to paint my nails the colour of candy floss. I also now want to live in a pale pink cottage.

Tenby scooter

candy cottages tenby

Tenby stairs

Boat House Tenby

An island perfect for smugglers and the Famous Five.

The sea at Tenby

The Spinning Wheel.


Where is my Lemon Sorbet nail polish?

By the seaside

So we went to St Ives, Cornwall instead of Istanbul.  I want to move there and open a teapot (and ukulele) shop... I never knew, well believed, that beaches like this existed in grey old England. It felt like I was by the Mediterranean or back in good old NZ. Apart from the distinctly English oh-I-do-like-to-be-by-the-seaside-y-ness of it all. Blue skies, smiley faces, ice creams and cute little shops. Even an adorable second hand furniture and vintage design shop, beaten green.

There's the Tate St Ives, the wonderful Bernard Leach pottery studio and the small but perfectly formed Barbara Hepworth museum.  And there was even treasure to be found amongst the old junk shops - a pink glass cake stand circa 1940's was picked up for a mere fiver and a Violet printed table cloth for a quid (pictures to come later).

I have far too many photos to choose from!

And oh the sea! The sea!! How I have missed you...

Oh St Ives.. I hope I'm back again soon. Not for sure I'll be having any more clotted cream though. My arteries may never recover...