Perfect picnic at Epping Forest

I love a good picnic on a hot day. Even though the lovely summery weather we had for a bit now seems a distant memory after this week's blustery rain.

Still, I'm hoping to get a lot more use out of my vintage picnic/chilly basket before Winter is back knocking on the door. We went to Epping Forest to christen my basket, get away from the heaving London masses and get out of the city. Perfect.  There was hardly anyone around, a mere 20 minutes on the overland from Liverpool St and we were in what seemed to be the countryside with only wild life for company.

My new basket buddying up with another vintage picnic case

The new Mexican blanket

There really is nothing like a good picnic in a forest on a hot day to wash away all memories of winter. It's amazing how quickly you forget the negative temperatures and snow.

Epping forest is truly a wonderful place - all 6000 acres of it. Well the small part we explored anyway. We managed not to get lost and even saw a bunny, a pony, cattle, a deer and plenty of cyclists. I highly recommend a visit - but don't tell too many people, I'd rather the masses stuck to Hampstead Heath.

I'm very jealous of my friend's floral picnic set that she found on eBay which came complete with green Thermos.

You can read more about our picnic over at in the Sweetness of Passing Time, who also took the lovely photos on this post.

The perfect picnic hamper

On Monday I spied a what I thought was a lovely old picnic basket with birds printed on the lid in a charity shop near my work. After thinking about it for three days I went back today and it was still there.

These photos don't really do it justice but I will try and get a better shot of it sitting a lush green field with picnic rug and mighty picnic feast to post.

And... it's not just a picnic hamper with birds on top.... it's a kool bin (or a chilly bin as we call it back home). Brilliant -  the wine and treats will stay cold. I can't wait to christen it. The only con is that I can't fit it into my bike basket as it's too big.

I was quite inspired by this morning's issue of Stylist  with its Rob Ryan designed picnic theme. Time to break out the new Ottolenghi cookbook (Plenty) and make some treats for this weekend's planned adventure to Epping Forest.