Candy coloured houses

Candy coloured cottages At Easter I was rummaging around in my photo files when I came across these lovely candy coloured cottages in Tenby. We visited the lovely Welsh seaside town with the other half's family in Easter last year and I'd never gotten around to posting any photos (despite the best intentions). The pastel shades make me want to paint my nails the colour of candy floss. I also now want to live in a pale pink cottage.

Tenby scooter

candy cottages tenby

Tenby stairs

Boat House Tenby

An island perfect for smugglers and the Famous Five.

The sea at Tenby

The Spinning Wheel.


Where is my Lemon Sorbet nail polish?

Leopard love

As a birthday treat my housemate, whose birthday is only three days before mine, and I ventured up the road on Saturday to Dalston's Wah nails to get some fabulously fierce nail art. When I say ventured, I mean she dragged my sorry hungover ass out of bed. Well worth it. I haven't been able to stop gazing at my nails sheer awesomeness all week. They appeared on the Wah Nails blog as shown below:

And my lovely house mate chose the matt leopard in black on black which unfortunately I haven't got an image of.

I'll be going back for sure! I keep catching people looking at them on the tube and at work. I can't tell if they love or hate them - but I really couldn't give a toss. It's the best my nails have ever looked.

Pink leopard with a random love heart. Perfection.