Leopard love

As a birthday treat my housemate, whose birthday is only three days before mine, and I ventured up the road on Saturday to Dalston's Wah nails to get some fabulously fierce nail art. When I say ventured, I mean she dragged my sorry hungover ass out of bed. Well worth it. I haven't been able to stop gazing at my nails sheer awesomeness all week. They appeared on the Wah Nails blog as shown below:

And my lovely house mate chose the matt leopard in black on black which unfortunately I haven't got an image of.

I'll be going back for sure! I keep catching people looking at them on the tube and at work. I can't tell if they love or hate them - but I really couldn't give a toss. It's the best my nails have ever looked.

Pink leopard with a random love heart. Perfection.