Around the house: a badger, a Biba girl & two owls

I thought it was time I shared a few images from around the flat. I've posted a few bits on Instagram so if you follow me there, you'll have seen a few bits and pieces. Unbelievably, it's a whole year since we moved in. I still feel like I'm settling in, rearranging and finding spots for things which don't have obvious homes.

The mantel. Apparently one money-box just wasn't enough. The badger was a gift and is from the Quail range at Liberty. The owl (Hedwig) I fell in love with when I spied him at Caravan Style a couple of years ago. He just had to come home with me. They both live on the mantelpiece. Both are sadly closer to empty than full. The teacup trios were gifts, the left is by Susie Cooper (I wrote about it here) and the right is a vintage set by Collingwood (c.1924-1930). The couple dancing print is from the brilliant 20 X 200 site.

The bookshelf. Another little wise owl. This guy was £1 from a charity shop. He lives with a very weather-beaten yellow submarine, complete with fab four aboard. The Beatles toy was the Mr's when he was a child. Our bookshelves are overflowing but there's still space for these guys.

All the little ukuleles lined up.

The sofa (and the ukes). The Mr's collection all lined up watching telly on the sofa. Left to right: A charango, a Mele soprano ukulele, a banjolele, my SpongeBob ukulele, and a Lehua ukulele all together, just hanging out. And before you ask, no I can't play any of them. The sofa, or couch as us New Zealanders tend to call them, was donated by the Mr's uncle when we were trying to fill the unfurnished flat. It's covered with Charles Eames fabric apparently. Love.

Liberty print cushion

And here's a Liberty print cushion I ran up on the sewing machine. I'm halfway through making another one in green.

Framed biba poster

The bedroom. This is an unsigned original Biba poster photographed by James Wedge. I really wanted to have it on display as I just love her. You can't really see from my photo but the Gold Biba logo is printed in the top left hand corner. These posters were never used or sold by Biba as they were produced in 1974 just before the company folded. There are a few floating around online if you look for them. She's lying on the most rich and opulent cushions. She doesn't really match the wallpaper, which I'm not really keen on but in a rented flat what can you do? If those legs and butt aren't motivation to get up and go for a run in the morning I don't know what is.

I love looking at pictures of other people homes on blogs so thought it was only fair that I shared some of mine. Stay tuned for part two (once I've had a tidy-up).