How my garden grows

Remember that ridiculously cold Saturday a few weeks back, just before the snow came? For some unknown reason, I decided to venture into my garden to see how it was coping in the cold, to pick some kale, and to see if I could spy the first few flakes falling.

The kale I grew from seed is going strong, and is one of the few things that has survived the cold. All good kale recipe suggestions are welcomed. My cauliflowers are still doing okay too, but have some way to go before they'll be dinner.

Big Ginger here was watching me. Just chilling in a hidden pot. Too shy to come over for a pat, but happy to pose for a photo. I hope he found somewhere warm to hide before the snow came.

This is a forgotten frozen beetroot. Planted last summer, it never made it to the salad bowl as it grew too slowly. Poor old beet.

I'm looking forward to rediscovering my green thumbs from underneath my mittens. I'm planning on planting beans, more beets and loads more. I'm also making it my mission to fill the dozens of empty pots that came with the garden. It's the first time I've lived in a flat with a proper garden since moving to London, and I'm so looking forward to transforming what was a completely Blackberry strangled jungle to my own green sanctuary.

Note: if you're wondering why the colours in this post are so whack, it was that weird light before snow came, and I've been playing around with Lightroom for a bit of fun.