Frock Friday: The palest green dress

I've always been of the you-can-never-have-too-much-stuff school of thought. Another black skirt? It's a workwear essential. More vintage china? It's so pretty! Must-have beauty products? Totally needed. But after reading Amy's post on Experience vs. Things on DesignSponge, I decided it really was time to curb the habit. I've jumped on the no-buying bandwagon for a month and so far it's been pretty easy. I haven't bought anything that I haven't really needed to, other than a vintage wooden hand mirror, a glass dish and some old bone-handle cutlery from the local charity shop for a grand total of £6. Not too much of a slip up. I've created a 'No-buy list' over on Trello (which I love) and will review all the things I've added since 1 May at the end of the month.  My birthday is the beginning of June, so I'm going to treat myself to something special. The latest addition to my no-buy list is this: ASOS Green cut-work dress

ASOS Salon Lace Insert Smock Dress. Photo by ASOS

The palest apple green dress with pretty cut-work details over by ASOS Salon. Please don't sell out before 1 June. I'd definitely ditch the short patterned under dress and wear over a black or cream vintage silk slip. It'd be perfect for wearing to one of those summer weddings we're going to or equally perfect for frolicking about picking daises in a meadow. Paired with much sensible footwear, of course.



P.s. An equally stunning bird-embellished summer dress.

Today I'm besotted with...

...this ASOS Salon prom dress in gem floral print. Oh the swishing one could do on the dance floor in that. Gorgeous.

Photo: ASOS

ASOS have just added a few new frocks (want them all) to their Salon collection which launched earlier in the year.  And I have a bit of thing for brown floral at the moment and recently wore a Liberty lawn-esque (not sure if it actually is or not) dress of my mother's from the 70's to a wedding recently. The pussy bow and knee-length style is still just as fabulous as it was when she wore.  Thanks mum for keeping your dresses!

Black frock, black Friday

There's no denying I love good black frock.  And anyone who knows me knows how much I wear black and that wearing black is a trend that runs in my family. I have no idea how many black dresses I have, silk, lace, wool - too many? Nah.   So as it is Friday the 13th this post is dedicated to the one item every girl, woman and possibly man, should have in their wardrobe. The little black dress. Black and lace go together like tomatoes and basil.

Black dress and a teapot on her head? My kind of girl.

And black eye liner is also essential of course.

Tutu cool. (Sorry couldn't resist).

Red accessories = perfect.

I probably should mention Audrey Hepburn in a post about Little Black Dresses, but to be honest she's never really been much of a style influence to me.  She's just well, a bit boring.

I'd rather look like  Marilyn Monroe or Brigette Bardot in a black dress anyday.

All images via Weheartit.

Friday is frockday

I've always been a dress girl. Not a trousers girl or a jeans girl. And it's a fact that I have far too many dresses and there's always another one I'm after. So this is going to be a regular feature here to show off my wardrobe. And the latest dress that I want. My first Frock of the Week is my vintage red velvet Queen of Hearts dress.

This was found in one of Brick Lane's numerous vintage clothing shops in a slightly musty crumpled state last October for £35.  A visit to my local dry cleaners and it came up looking fabulous! This was the dress I'd been searching for. I spent Halloween dressed as Alice in Wonderland's Queen of Hearts in New York City for a friend 30th birthday. I'd known for months exactly who I would be dressing as. And I've always wanted a red dress. Given last winter's velvet revival this was perfect. So I thought I'd give it another outting before it's too muggy to even look at velvet.

I think it dates back to the 50's from its shape, knee length hemline, bow at neckline and general feel. This one is staying in my wardrobe forever.

Looks much better on than off.  Less boxy.