The light of day

The days are getting longer and the nights shorter. I work ridiculously far from home so have a massive commute every day. 7am really is an undignified hour to leave the house. But I love the early morning light.  After weeks of trudging through the darkness, seemingly the middle of the night still as the street sweepers shuffle along with their brooms, it’s finally starting to get light. Now it’s not pitch black I really enjoy my quick march to the tube station in the morning. iPod on loud to get me mentally prepared for the day ahead. Kyuss and strong black coffee – always a good combination.

I often have my camera handy and take a few shots along the way. The world seems pretty empty until I hit the main road. Just folks in their thrown on morning attire walking their dogs. If they are particularly lazy, or still half asleep and just rudely awoken by their mangy mutt, they’ll often just have their dressing gown or coat thrown over their pyjamas.

It may be light but it's still far too cold for my liking. Oh summer, please hurry. I can’t take many more cold mornings.