Sneak peek: Cold and wet Stockholm

Image Stockholm. The apartment we stayed in was clean, stylish and gorgeous in that way the Swedish are famous for. I was in love with the decanter lamp above (one of three) and all the other pieces in the flat so took loads of photos. We had a lovely and relaxing time wandering the streets, despite the sleet, torrential rain and freezing cold wind.  More to come soon.

x C

Bread & Butter Bruges

We stayed at the most gorgeous B&B, Bread & Butter in Bruges recently. With just one bedroom in the loft of a big old house, incredible breakfasts from the lovely host Frederika, vintage wallpaper, velvet curtains and your own private 60s orange bathtub, it really doesn't get much better.

Photos by Lukulele.

This is a just a taster. I have a load more pics to post, including the vintage 60's wallpaper from the bedroom and some of the exciting things I blew my cash on during our stay.