Caped crusader or ladylike leopard?

I really want a new winter coat. Or a cape. But I can't decide which. Please help. I'm in love with this boiled wool leopard number from Zara, which I could make or buy a Peter Pan collar for.  It looks very sleek and flattering unlike the big fluffy teddy bear-esque fake fur coats that are so popular at this time of year.

I'm equally enamoured with the idea of wearing a lovely black cape.  I just haven't found the right style yet. This asos one comes pretty close. I tried my hardest to get a vintage black cape on eBay last Winter but never managed to find the right one that was in my price range. When I did buy a plaid one from eBay two winters ago it was 'lost' in the post so I gave up on that idea all together.

Is it too military? Should I be trying to find one more Victorian or nurse style? Will it make me look the size of house? Does it only work with jeans or is it okay with a frock underneath? What will I do with my handbag and endless other bags that I seem to be lugging around constantly?

Please let me know what you think so I can decide! Cape or coat?