Friday is frockday

I've always been a dress girl. Not a trousers girl or a jeans girl. And it's a fact that I have far too many dresses and there's always another one I'm after. So this is going to be a regular feature here to show off my wardrobe. And the latest dress that I want. My first Frock of the Week is my vintage red velvet Queen of Hearts dress.

This was found in one of Brick Lane's numerous vintage clothing shops in a slightly musty crumpled state last October for £35.  A visit to my local dry cleaners and it came up looking fabulous! This was the dress I'd been searching for. I spent Halloween dressed as Alice in Wonderland's Queen of Hearts in New York City for a friend 30th birthday. I'd known for months exactly who I would be dressing as. And I've always wanted a red dress. Given last winter's velvet revival this was perfect. So I thought I'd give it another outting before it's too muggy to even look at velvet.

I think it dates back to the 50's from its shape, knee length hemline, bow at neckline and general feel. This one is staying in my wardrobe forever.

Looks much better on than off.  Less boxy.