Summer nightie dresses and Blondie in the park

...whoops. Just bought a dress from Topshop online. Didn't mean to but it's just so hot and I can't remember what I used to wear last Summer... Lovely though isn't it. Very me and looks like a vintage nightie. This week has been a bad and busy week (three hour commutes to get home due to broken trains and very, very busy) so I think I deserve it!

Flower Embroidered Dress

Can't wait for it to arrive - hopefully in time to wear it to Blondie at Kenwood House tomorrow. Looking forward to a picnic in the sun (fingers crossed?) and getting some vitamin D.

Also in love with this Peter Pan collar scarlet lace frock from Topshop.

Peter Pan Swing Lace Dress

Red  - tick

Lace - tick

Peter Pan collar - tick


Flowery feet

It's my 30th birthday tomorrow. Death to my twenties. Perhaps it's time to treat myself to the most inappropriate and frivolously girly pair of shoes I can find me thinks. I've been salivating over these delicious wedges from Topshop for months...

Even if they will make me 1. ridiculously tall and 2. look like I should be wandering in meadow... they would look fabulous on my shelf though. Next to a teapot or two.

Maybe I should go for a more practical flowery footwear. Quite like these little cuties from Office.

Maybe turning 30 deserves both pairs.


I've spent most of Winter searching for a plain black dress with a white Peter Pan collar.  But now it's spring and I still haven't managed to get my hands on the covetable frock. Not too much to ask surely? They've been around forever and are a bit of classic. I felt certain that after Coco before Chanel came out there would be loads around. In this scene Coco, played by the too beautiful for words Audrey Tatou, sews an 'orphan' outfit for the posh Emmilienne (played Emmanuelle Devos). She hates it claiming it's too loose and plain until she  soon realises it drives the men wild.

This film is not the reason I embarked on this frock hunt. I've wanted one for years, ever since Courtney Love in her early Hole days wore baby doll version.  Scouring eBay and etsy have proved fruitless. I'm considering making the dress from scratch, but that involves either buying a sewing machine or a trip back to southern hemisphere to use my mum's machine to whip one up.

I may just have to get one of these and wear it with one of my numerous black outfits.  I already have several blouses with a Peter Pan collar but the dress hunt continues...

*Images: Coco before Chanel