Tea at Svenskt Tenn

I don't generally go for bright or bold. I prefer things to be soft, pretty or plain. Or at least I used to until I discovered Josef Frank textiles and wallpaper.

I first noticed Frank's vibrant patterns when living with friends for a few months while in-between flats (ahhh the joy of finding somewhere to live in London). Their kitchen walls are papered with the white Springbells pattern as shown below. I spent countless moments gazing at the tulips and violets before my morning coffee kicked in.

A highlight of our visit to Stockholm in April was afternoon tea at the wonderful Svenskt Tenn department store. Founded by Estrid Ericson in 1924, the store was originally opened to sell pewter goods (Svenskt Tenn translates to Swedish Pewter). Ericson recruited Frank, an Austrian-born architect, designer and artist to the business 10 years later and the duo became synonymous with Swedish modernism.

Today, the store still sells designs by Ericson and Frank and, as we discovered, is home to some of the loveliest tea-rooms I've had the pleasure of sipping tea in.

How amazing are the chairs designed by Frank below? And the rattan and bamboo design chairs which you can just glimpse. I'm afraid my photos don't really do them justice.

We left the department store empty handed, but warmed by tea. I'm still kicking myself for not buying, at the very least, a cushion. The exchange rate and Sweden's super expensive prices were all a bit too much for my cold-addled brain. Fortunately the store's website is awesome. I'll be dreaming over Josef's patterns for many more days to come. You can read more about Svenskt Tenn over on Apartment Therapy.