All sewn up

Here are some old reels of thread I bought off eBay last week. I went a bit crazy buying cotton after getting a sewing machine for my birthday. Yay!

I haven't sewn anything on it yet but am hoping to giving it a proper test run this week sometime. It is made by New Home,  but also says Janome on it so I'm not sure where or when it was made. I'd like to try to download a manual somewhere - does anyone know where I can find one? Looks like it's from the sixties or seventies - and it weighs a tonne. Had to get a taxi to bring it home as we didn't think it would be possible to walk from the bus stop.

Photo via weheartit

It might need a service before I take on any big sewing projects. But as it's been three years since I had a machine at my disposal, I'll probably need a fair bit of practise first to get back into the swing of things...