Glasgow in summer is like Auckland in winter.

So I've been in Glasgow this week for work. It's amazing how blimmin cold it is with sporadic rain showers.  Bit like home really, but home in winter - not summer. I  guess it is Scotland though.  Doesn't get all that much closer to the North Pole.

I love all the amazing architecture and buildings up here. From all of Charles Rennie MackIntosh's wonderful Art Nouveau designs to the modern hotel Marks that I'm enjoying (FREE upgrade to a suite - yessssssss).

The view from my room.

It's a much nicer view than this looks. Took these when it was a bit wet and (unsurprisingly) grey.

Noodle noodley nooodles...

Good hair day despite being caught in a rain storm and using a rubbish hotel hairdryer.

I like Glasgow.