Cake - one of your five a day

I have a thing for cake recipes that contain vegetables.  My favourite cake recipe for the last couple of years has been a beetroot chocolate cake. It's completely decadent and mouth wateringly good. I've made it for many birthdays and even dinner parties. Beetroot and chocolate - yum.

Recently the beetroot cake has been surpassed by the Pistachio Chocolate Cake from Harry Eastwood's book 'Red Velvet & Chocolate Heartache'.  It is probably one of the best cake recipes I've used and has been a success each time I've made it.  It has ground up pistachios and grated courgettes in it, which give it an amazing texture.

It doesn't rise much, probably because it's made with rice flour, but once filled with 'Naughty Chocolate icing' you don't even notice.

I'm not sure that you could count the courgette in this cake as one of your five a day but it's definitely worth the effort. So far this is the only cake I've attempted from the book as I just can't imagine any of the others being better.  Perhaps I should give the Red Velvet cake a try next.... it is made with beetroot after all.