Paris: troisième partie (part 3)

Since our wee break to Paris is now officially AGES ago here are a few final photos...

I love the chairs in the Tuileries garden. Would quite like some for my own garden. Do you think I could smuggle some back on the Eurostar? Oui?

The beautiful canals with their arching bridges. I've never forgotten the glorious scene from Amelie of her skimming stones. (If you need to refresh your memory you can watch it here.)

The cafe at the top of the Musee d'Orsay is well worth a visit just to look at the way they've designed the space. And for the cake, obvs.

I really want to go back to Paris as soon as possible, but in more immediate plans we're off to Stockholm next weekend! Wahoo. Any hints or tips of places to visit will be gladly received. Have you been to Stockholm? Where do you recommend?

x Charlotte

Paris: la deuxième partie (part 2)

I love the colours of Paris.

Black smoke. Whenever I look at this photo I get Ladyhawke's song "Paris is burning" running through my brain. This was taken from the top floor of the Musee d'Orsay through the clock tower window. The view is always incredible (even if you need to elbow off the tourists to get anywhere near the front) but on this particular visit it was even more memorable. Great plumes of black smoke-filled the Paris skyline.

This blue door leads to the apartment my sister and I stayed in on my last visit to Paris. That's Mr Ukulele, snapping away as ever, taking far more interesting pics than I do.

Cold skies and grey branches almost about to burst into Spring growth.

And the roses. The glorious roses of Paris. What is it about Parisian florists and the explosion of colour pouring out of their stores that is so spell binding?

Parisians just get colours so right. The pale stone buildings. Red lipstick. Pastel toned macaroons. Pink roses. Creamy cheeses. I've been spying Parisian colours everywhere since we came back from our mini-break.

And have you have seen The Little Paris Kitchen yet? I'm in love with Rachel Khoo's brightly tiled kitchen, red lipstick and pale green enamel cookware. Even if she does cook far too much meat for me (I'm a vegetarian but it doesn't stop me being obsessed with all cooking shows). I highly recommend, totally worth a watch.

Where do you find colourful inspiration? Is it the Spring flowers that are popping up everywhere at the moment or the shade of a favourite lipstick? I'd love to know what colours inspire you.

Paris: première partie (part 1)

I've never really considered myself much of a francophile. I can't really speak any French beyond "Bonjour. Parlez vous anglais?" As lovely as it is, cheese makes me break out in a rash. I'd rather have a piece of cake than a macaroon (don't get me wrong I still delight in them and all their candy coloured goodness). And a classic striped breton top just doesn't look any good on my curves. But man o man, I love Paris. Every time I visit there, it reminds why it really does live up to all those clichés and romantic notions. I understand the urge that many have to just pack up their normal life and embrace the city of love and lights.

We spent a wonderful four days in Paris last weekend. We walked everywhere, photographed everything and ate more bread than you could shake a baguette at. We rented a small studio recommended by friends in the villagey area of Batignolles. And oh my goodness, what a lovely little area it is. It felt far from the swarms of tourists in nearby Montmartre, friendly enough to try to converse with the locals, and central enough to walk just about everywhere. There are not one, not two but three boulangerie on Rue des Batignolles where we stayed which made the Mr a very happy chap indeed. Gorgeous florists brimming with roses, wine bars and all the other things that the French do the best lined the little streets.

Le baguette. My waistline isn't thanking me.

 You know this one, right?

The overwhelming dome in Galleries Lafayette.

You can see some more from our trip pics here and here. I'll be posting more here later.

x Charlotte

Dreaming of Paris in the Springtime.

It's almost three years since I visited the city of love and lights. Oh sweet Paris, this time next month I'll be seeing you again.

My big sister and I spent a few glorious days, back in 2009, staying in a very cool apartment in Montmartre. It was my second time in Paris, and my sister's hundredth (slight exaggeration). This is me looking sulky and tired (suffering after getting up stupid o'clock early to catch the Eurostar).

I think I spent almost as much time gazing out those windows as we did beating the streets.

I can't wait to go back again. It's silly that I've only been twice, and yet it's so easy to get to with the Eurostar.

Mr and I are in desperate need of a holiday, having not left the UK since our epic trip last year. Our Eurostar tickets are paid for, an apartment is booked, and now I'm dreaming up new places in Paris to visit. So far on my list are:

  • the gardens at the Musee Rodin
  • Comptoir de l’Image, the bookshop as seen on The Satorialist
  • Catherine B’s vintage emporium, Les Trois Marches after reading about it on A Girl, A Style
  • Le Arts Decoratifs to see the Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs exhibition, which opens the weekend we are there.

And then there are oh-so-many places to revisit:

  • Musee de l'Orangerie
  • the markets
  • the streets of Monmarte
  • the cute little kitchen shops where I nearly bought an absinthe spoon, but didn't
  • the magnificant Musee d'Orsay
  • and the list goes on...

What are your favourite places to visit in Paris? Where are the best secret spots? I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Image 1. by me, 2. & 3. by Sarah.

p.s. You can see my Paris Pinterest board here.