Afternoon tea at Liberty.

After a quick visit to Columbia Road flower markets to get some big blousy pink roses there seemed nothing better to do on a rainy, dreary Sunday afternoon than visit Liberty for afternoon tea.

I am a big fan of Burleigh's black and white willow pattern. I quite fancy the whole dinner set for everyday use. My old china is just too fragile.

The coffee cake was delicious, although I can still feel the clotted cream clogging my arteries.

Always room for one more cake stand.

My big sister arrives for a visit next week.  All the way from New Zealand. This a very small selection of her very large collection of vintage depression glass cake stands. Obviously collecting stuff runs in the family.

I know we'll be doing lots of shopping, eating and drinking cocktails.  There'll be many visits to the V&A (where she worked for a little while) and Liberty for afternoon tea.  And I may have found a junk shop with a bit of a collection of cake stands just like these... how many do you think she might fit in her hand luggage back home?

See you soon Sarah. x

Liberty miniature suitcase

Last Christmas  I had a lovely big box arrive on my desk at work.  A purple box from  my favourite shop - Liberty! Inside the big box and all the wrapping was this lovely gift coin in a velvet pouch, a present from my big sister to spend on whatever I wished.

Even though I'm always in Liberty or lusting after something on store's website, I've only just gotten around to spending the coin - eight months later. And here it is. A gorgeous Liberty print mini suitcase, which is now home to some of my fabric, linen cloths and ribbons.

Too pretty to hide away in a cupboard that's for sure.  I wanted to get one of the Merci green ones when they came out several months ago, but unfortunately they sold out before I could get my paws on one.

I chose the red Wiltshire pattern, which is also stunning inside with a pale pattern.

I told my other half it's my hope chest (or glory box) - clearly I don't have much hope as it's so small - hah.

More posts to come this week hopefully. I'm in Glasgow for work and trying to make the most of the peaceful evenings in my hotel room by catching up on here.

Liberated and looking lovely

I finally got around to recovering my chair at the weekend with the Liberty fabric from the V&A's Quilt exhibition. And my new gun stapler from eBay, while quite tough to use, gave the finished product quite a professional look -  if I do say so myself.

Much folding and stapling required...

I adore the fabric. The peachy roses and blue bows and leaves compliment the wooden frame beautifully.  And voila! My much loved and well used £5 chair from Broadway Market has been given a well deserved makeover.

What can I attempt to reupholster properly next? More old furniture required and suggestions are welcome...

Cheering up my chair

A large package arrived in the post for me the other day. I'd finally gotten around to buying a heavy duty gun stapler off eBay so I can embark on my very first upholstery project. My housemate thinks the gun stapler part is hi-la-ri-ous. Domestic goddess? Who moi? Admittedly, it's only the seat part of the chair that is fabric so it's hopefully not too much of a challenge. But I've got to start somewhere right?  You can see the chair in question here. It only cost me a £5 from Broadway Market and I adore it. I've been reluctant to get under way with taking it apart as I use it everyday at my writing desk!

This is a selection of my lovely Liberty fabrics. The far left is from a vintage store near Bricklane that I plan on making into a frock, while the other three are from the V&A's wonderful quilt exhibition. The dark floral on the far right is the piece I've chosen for upholstering the seat. The red/blue heart pattern and the green/blue in the same print will be made into cushions hopefully soon.

Although I have already used some of it to make display hoops for my earrings and brooches! I got the idea for these from tales of a junkaholic - thanks artemis for your inspiration.

Hopefully I'll be able to show you my finished chair after the weekend. Provided I don't get too distracted by my new picnic basket... Pimms in the sunshine... and the flower markets.

Liberty lovelies

I was  delighted to find a little peach and cream silk Liberty scarf for a mere couple of quid in a junkshop in Angel at the weekend. My delight was short lived.  The mini suitcase Merci Liberty limited edition suitcases were back in stock but sold out before I got a chance to grab one. Gutted.  Missed out again. It really would make the cutest handbag/case.

Still a super cute vintage Liberty scarf for pennies is nothing to sniff at.

Sorry about the average photos. That's all I can muster the energy for this evening. Right I'm off to have a bath and dream of recovering my lovely chair in Liberty florals after being inspired by tales of a junkaholic. One of my favourite blogs, Artemis' chair upholstery project inspires me to put down the laptop and pick the needle and thread (well glue and gunstapler) like nothing else on the internet. Such a lovely chair!