Black frock, black Friday

There's no denying I love good black frock.  And anyone who knows me knows how much I wear black and that wearing black is a trend that runs in my family. I have no idea how many black dresses I have, silk, lace, wool - too many? Nah.   So as it is Friday the 13th this post is dedicated to the one item every girl, woman and possibly man, should have in their wardrobe. The little black dress. Black and lace go together like tomatoes and basil.

Black dress and a teapot on her head? My kind of girl.

And black eye liner is also essential of course.

Tutu cool. (Sorry couldn't resist).

Red accessories = perfect.

I probably should mention Audrey Hepburn in a post about Little Black Dresses, but to be honest she's never really been much of a style influence to me.  She's just well, a bit boring.

I'd rather look like  Marilyn Monroe or Brigette Bardot in a black dress anyday.

All images via Weheartit.

Summer nightie dresses and Blondie in the park

...whoops. Just bought a dress from Topshop online. Didn't mean to but it's just so hot and I can't remember what I used to wear last Summer... Lovely though isn't it. Very me and looks like a vintage nightie. This week has been a bad and busy week (three hour commutes to get home due to broken trains and very, very busy) so I think I deserve it!

Flower Embroidered Dress

Can't wait for it to arrive - hopefully in time to wear it to Blondie at Kenwood House tomorrow. Looking forward to a picnic in the sun (fingers crossed?) and getting some vitamin D.

Also in love with this Peter Pan collar scarlet lace frock from Topshop.

Peter Pan Swing Lace Dress

Red  - tick

Lace - tick

Peter Pan collar - tick