Witchy woman.


For the first time in many years I am not dressing up for Halloween. I don't have a party to go to and I haven't spent many months deciding on a costume. And I really don't mind.

Now let me say I love dressing up. LOVE it. But this year I am quite happy to stay at home and watch trashy horrors.  Maybe it's a sign of getting old. Or maybe it's just because at heart I am a bit of a witchy woman anyway. Not the evil, warts and eye of newt sort. I'd like to think the more glamorous sort. I have numerous black lace and silk dresses. And I don't leave the house without black liquid eyeliner.

Last I celebrated Halloween in New York and had a fabulous red velvet dress for my Queen of Hearts costume. (Halloween in New York is truly fabulous and should really be experienced once in a lifetime.)

But a witchy woman costume will always be my outfit of choice... with or without a broomstick.