Floral needlepoint 1950s bag

I was reading about online vintage seller Allen Company Inc over at the lovely Wish Wish Wish and accidentally made my first purchase from Etsy. So right now I have in my hot little hands this wonderful embroidered 1950s bag...

Photo: Allen Company Inc

Isn't it gorgeous?  Bought on Friday, waiting on my kitchen table when I came home from work on Monday. Talk about speedy.  This lovely purse will be going on its first outing to a wedding in Northumberland this coming weekend. Goes quite nicely with my pale gold silk frock. I love the embroidered Pansy faces. I'll be saving my pennies for one of the beautiful fifties frocks the Etsy based Allen Company Inc next.

I also had another package waiting at home for me yesterday - birthday present from a friend back home. A beautiful Witchery black cuff. But more on that another time. Such lovely things made my Monday so much better.

Deadly sinful teacups

Look at these teacups! I spied them being talked about on Splendora. Shame they are all the way back home in New Zealand. I love the way they are all mismatched and being given a new lease of live with their sinful labels and random saucers. Probably more fitting to fill these cups with Gin cocktails than sweet milky tea.  Certainly enough to liven up any tea party.

They are by trixiedelicious and you can find her vandalised vintage china  here on Etsy. Rad.

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