Cheering up my chair

A large package arrived in the post for me the other day. I'd finally gotten around to buying a heavy duty gun stapler off eBay so I can embark on my very first upholstery project. My housemate thinks the gun stapler part is hi-la-ri-ous. Domestic goddess? Who moi? Admittedly, it's only the seat part of the chair that is fabric so it's hopefully not too much of a challenge. But I've got to start somewhere right?  You can see the chair in question here. It only cost me a £5 from Broadway Market and I adore it. I've been reluctant to get under way with taking it apart as I use it everyday at my writing desk!

This is a selection of my lovely Liberty fabrics. The far left is from a vintage store near Bricklane that I plan on making into a frock, while the other three are from the V&A's wonderful quilt exhibition. The dark floral on the far right is the piece I've chosen for upholstering the seat. The red/blue heart pattern and the green/blue in the same print will be made into cushions hopefully soon.

Although I have already used some of it to make display hoops for my earrings and brooches! I got the idea for these from tales of a junkaholic - thanks artemis for your inspiration.

Hopefully I'll be able to show you my finished chair after the weekend. Provided I don't get too distracted by my new picnic basket... Pimms in the sunshine... and the flower markets.