A festive bat

Meet my very festive bat. He flew in from Elphicks on Columbia Road. He decided mid-November to hang around this spot in my living room. I don't think he'll be leaving any time soon. IMG_1615

I took a break from blogging during the second half of 2012 to focus on other things. But I've really missed it. So here I am. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of snow to put your priorities in order.

I can't wait to see where 2013 takes me.


Happy Birthday and Happy Blogs.

Despite my ever lingering cold (5 weeks) and now having developed toothache, 2011 hasn't been completely awful so far. So no more unhappy blog posts like the last one... cold you will not defeat me! There's two things to celebrate:

Firstly, my little blog turns one this month. Yey! Little exploding teapot, we've stuck it out this far and enjoyed every single minute of it.  Hopefully, we'll keep you interested and manage to do some more original and exciting posts soon..

Secondly, the very lovely Louise from the gorgeous Glitterball gave me this lovely award. Thank you Louise, this one made my day so much brighter. The rules are:

Share 7 things about yourself

1. I've been vegetarian since I was 16. But sometimes I slip up and eat fish. 2. I live just off London's Columbia Road, where the famous flower markets are held every Sunday. It's my favourite place in the whole of London and my weekend saviour. There's nothing better than rolling out of bed, usually with a slight hangover, to buy fresh coffee, old tea cups and big bunches of flowers. 3. I'm grew up in Auckland, New Zealand and moved to London almost four years ago. I miss home and my family everyday. I miss the sea. 4. I used to be a print journalist but these days I work as a web copywriter and editor. I write about mobile phones, mobile broadband and other techy things likes iPads. But you'll never see me write about them in my spare time! 5. When I've had enough of the 9 to 5 working malarkey, the plan is to open a teacup and ukulele shop. What's not to like: china, afternoon teas, cocktails, ukuleles and ukulele nights? 6. I've had very long blonde hair my whole life, apart from a flirtation with a bob in my early twenties. Even though I've now hit 30 I refuse to entertain the idea of going short again, despite the effort long hair requires. 7. I wish I could wear high heels and frocks everyday but when I get up at 6am I grab the nearest thing possible that's clean and respectable, usually a black skirt or some form of floral and get dressed in the dark. I wish I had more beauty sleep and time to make an effort.

Pass the award along to blogs you've recently discovered & enjoy:

I'm going to pass this on to seeds and stitches and  peachykeenjellybean Answer the following:

1. Why did you create this blog? I'm a writer during the day and I love reading blogs.  I needed to get some creativity back in my life because the stuff I write at work, while mostly enjoyable and very satisfying, just ain't that inspiring. 2. What kind of blog do you follow? Anything creative or beautiful which inspires me. And blogs that make me laugh.  I love reading and writing about people so I enjoy blogs where you get to know people and learn about their lives. 3. Favourite make-up brand? Mac for eye make-up and lipsticks. But I'm happy with good old L'oreal for foundation, as they're one of the few who make one pale enough for me. Well, it'll do until I can justify buying Chanel. 4. Favourite clothing brand? My wardrobe is mostly made up of Topshop and vintage dresses. 5. Your indispensable make-up product? Black liquid eyeliner - Liquidlast by Mac. I mastered the art of applying it when I was about 16 and have been wearing it ever since. My mother tells me to wear more lipstick. 6. Your favourite colour? Green and red, I think. 7.  Your favourite perfume? Miss Dior - Cherie but I'd love to get some Diptyque 8. Your favourite film? Wouldn't have a clue. But I was an 80's child. Doesn't get much better than The Princess Bride really. 9. What country would you like to visit & why? I'm very excited to be going to home to New Zealand next month, and also to Japan on the way back to London. Woo-hoo! 10. Are you a cat or dog person? Cats, without a doubt.

Image via WeHeartIt