A birthday in Stockholm

We recently spent four nights in Stockholm to celebrate the Mr's birthday. He'd wanted to visit for ages, and I must admit, I'm a complete convert now. If it wasn't for the freezing cold dark winters*, I think I could live there.

We stayed in a studio apartment we hired from City Living Apt. It's full of stylish Stockholm accommodation available for short term rent.  We opted to stay in an apartment so we could eat at home (as Sweden is ridiculously expensive to eat and drink out). But more on that next time, as I have a million photos of our cute accommodation to share next time.

Despite sleet, torrential rain and very cold winds we wandered the streets (and bridges and islands) of Stockholm through the gloom with a long list of places to visit. If you're looking for a guide to Stockholm I recommend taking a look at these ones on Emmas DesignBlogg and Design *Sponge. With these guides printed, guidebooks at the ready and umbrellas up we spent several lovely days wandering around finding lots of cute and cosy spots.

So many of the buildings are painted a golden-yellow or terracotta. Warm and sunny colours to ward away the wintery gloom.

Taking a stroll around one of the islands.

Everything is so aesthetically pleasing. Even the Stockholm hire bikes beat the pants off Boris' blue numbers.

The sea.

The old town.

Some of my favourite spots:

Fotografiska - the photography museum (as shown in the gloom above) is housed in a listed Art Nouveau industrial building. We were literally soaked by the time we found it but leaving our brollys and coats drying in the coat area we explored the massive space, which has several exhibitions on at any one time. We were lucky enough to see the dream-like pics of Helena Blomqvist and behind the scenes Godfather photos by Steve Schapiro. Well worth the entry fee.

The super stylish Urban Deli was just a five-minute walk from where we stayed in Sofo. The only bar, seafood restaurant and grocery all in one that I've ever heard of. We found having a drink at the bar then buying some yummy fresh food to take back to the apartment made up for not going out for dinner. Oh and they have a juice bar too. (There's a completely vegetarian store just around the corner too).

Clothing and vintage furniture Grandpa is just around the corner from Deli and worth a look, although it's bit on the expensive side.

We had an amazing afternoon tea at design store Svenskt Tenn.  Amazing furniture, fabrics, wallpapers, and gifts all designed with bright colors and bold patterns. As this already photo heavy, I'll save more on this for next time.


*Swedish doctors have estimated almost 20 per cent of the population suffer from seasonal affective disorder.