A fairytale castle, a bluebell wood and a lovely rug

Maybe it's because I grew up surrounded by strong women with Welsh names*, or maybe it's because Wales is the home to dragons and fairies. But the idea of spending the day roaming a Welsh castle, an historic home and fairytale woodland is right up my street. Newton House

With Mr Ukulele's parents playing tour guides, we visited Dinefwr Park and Castle in Llandeilo in Carmarthenshire, on our Easter trip to Wales.  Located just a mile from Llandeilo town this National Trust property has a 12th-century castle, a historic house and an 18th-century landscape park. All of it's set in a medieval deer park (we didn't spy any deer on our visit).

Above is the French style Newton House where, unlike some other similar properties,  you can touch and photograph everything inside. Apparently this is because only the paintings are original to the house and everything else was brought in by the trust after they had acquired the property.

The contents of the house are no less impressive for it though. Just look at that collection of trunks and hat boxes.  And as for this rug, I can only dream...

beautiful rug

Grand piano

Manicured garden

After exploring the house the Mr and I, having left the others eating cake in the tea-rooms, trekked through the grounds and up a winding woodland path to the castle.

Bluebell woods


This stick hut reminded a bit of Game of Thrones for some reason. There were no white walkers in sight, thankfully.

Old oaks

primroses and violets

A resting spot

The castle itself is like a giant adventure playground for children. Dozens of kids clambered all over it, unafraid of tumbling down.  But the view from the top is spectacular.

castle wall

Dinefwr Castle

Strolling down

Then it was home for lemon meringue pie and coffee.

I could go on about Dinefwr Park and Castle all day but I won't. You can find out more about it here on the National Trust's website.

* My mum is Browen and my grandma was Blodwen. And yes, with 'e' not 'y'.