Bits & pieces 1: Sweet Violets

I seem to have developed a bit of an obsession with Violets lately. The flower not the colour, although I am not opposed to a lovely purple frock. Here are some of the bits and bobs I've collected in my travels:


Old Violet postcard picked up for less than a Euro in Ghent, Belgium. Always thought this would be a good tattoo design with the ol' anchor there. Wish I could understand what was written on the back.

A Violet pin/spray (slightly blurry) but perfect on a coat.

Lovely tin from Columbia Road markets. Bit dented but pretty all the same.

Violets growing wildly on the cliff tops at St Ives.

A pressed (squashed) violet from the cliff tops in St Ives. It now lives on a Susie Cooper cup and saucer.

I also have a 'Sweet Devonshire Violet' cloth bought for a pound from a Cornwall junkshop - but it badly needs an iron before it features here. Violets seemed to be in full bloom everywhere during  Spring. Even spied growing all around Kings Cross, the least green place I’ve ever lived. Read more about that here.