I'm Charlotte, a New Zealand lady living in East London. I'm a digital copywriter, freelance writer and ex-journo. This is my personal blog where I've been rambling about flowers, baking, interiors, collections, travel and more since January 2010. You could say my approach to blogging is sporadic. 

So why The Teapot Explodes?

Over several glasses of red, we pondered the perfect name for my yet-to-be created blog. And somehow, as the wine kicked in, we got to this. The name references my love of music, taking inspiration from the English post-punk/neo-psychedelic band, The Teardrop Explodes. The teapot part comes from my collection of old ceramics and china. It's not about tea at all really, or any sort of explosions. But I do write about ceramics from time to time. And I don't do twee. 

I collect records and loads of old stuff. As much as I'd like to be all Scandinavian minimalist, it's never gonna happen. Marie Kondo, I've read your books. But when there are antiques markets and junk shops to explore, I'll always find something to bring home. 

x Charlotte

Photo by Luke.


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