I've spent most of Winter searching for a plain black dress with a white Peter Pan collar.  But now it's spring and I still haven't managed to get my hands on the covetable frock. Not too much to ask surely? They've been around forever and are a bit of classic. I felt certain that after Coco before Chanel came out there would be loads around. In this scene Coco, played by the too beautiful for words Audrey Tatou, sews an 'orphan' outfit for the posh Emmilienne (played Emmanuelle Devos). She hates it claiming it's too loose and plain until she  soon realises it drives the men wild.

This film is not the reason I embarked on this frock hunt. I've wanted one for years, ever since Courtney Love in her early Hole days wore baby doll version.  Scouring eBay and etsy have proved fruitless. I'm considering making the dress from scratch, but that involves either buying a sewing machine or a trip back to southern hemisphere to use my mum's machine to whip one up.

I may just have to get one of these and wear it with one of my numerous black outfits.  I already have several blouses with a Peter Pan collar but the dress hunt continues...

*Images: Coco before Chanel

Off with their heads

He says, "It's had bad reviews." I say: " 1. Johnny Depp, 2. as the Mad Hatter. 3. A  tea party. "

He says, "Ha".

I'm not done.

"4.  The chesire cat, 5.  The Queen of Hearts, 6.  Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton 7. AND it's 3D. What's not to like?"

So we're off to fall down the rabbit hole and watch Alice in Wonderland tonight. Very exciting. I love the book, the imagery, the story and even Tom's Petty's Mad Hatter tea party music video tribute  Don't Come Around Here No More (the best bit is the Alice cake).

The whole world has fallen in love again with Alice and I've jumped on the bandwagon. I'm completely besotted with this necklace by Tom Binns called 'A Smashing Time' which is part of an Alice in Wonderland themed collection. The piece features in the new issue of UK Vogue and you can see the entire collection here.  Smitten.

The tea party bracelet and Queens of Heart's necklace are also to die for. I have a single teapot necklace from Portobello Road markets which is very sweet but it's just not quite the same.

I'm looking forward to seeing Helena as the Red Queen. My last Halloween costume was the Queen of Hearts last. We were in New York and basically I wanted to wear a red dress, heart tights, a crown and carry a septor......... But mostly I just wanted to say "off with their heads!" without looking around.

I also have, of course, a lovely Alice themed teapot, cup, saucer and plate by Japanese designer Shinzi Katoh. I picked them up while on holiday in Ghent last  year. My friend Aimee who was with me, bought the teapot for me as a belated birthday present. It's actually the only new china I own and I just adore it. The teacup also features on the right in the banner above.

Might need to have an Mad Hatters tea party soon I think.  If you haven't seen it before you should watch Alice by Jan Svankmajer. That's one freaking terrifying rabbit. Falling down the rabbit hole will never be the same again.