Paris: troisième partie (part 3)

Since our wee break to Paris is now officially AGES ago here are a few final photos...

I love the chairs in the Tuileries garden. Would quite like some for my own garden. Do you think I could smuggle some back on the Eurostar? Oui?

The beautiful canals with their arching bridges. I've never forgotten the glorious scene from Amelie of her skimming stones. (If you need to refresh your memory you can watch it here.)

The cafe at the top of the Musee d'Orsay is well worth a visit just to look at the way they've designed the space. And for the cake, obvs.

I really want to go back to Paris as soon as possible, but in more immediate plans we're off to Stockholm next weekend! Wahoo. Any hints or tips of places to visit will be gladly received. Have you been to Stockholm? Where do you recommend?

x Charlotte